TEDx Debrecen 2017 and the English Majors

On the 14th of October, 2017, we had the opportunity with some of my colleagues to attend the TEDx conference held in Debrecen. The event consisted of approximately ten minutes long motivational speeches that emphasized the importance of cooperation, commitment, and persistence in twelve different fields. The speakers were of different ages, the youngest, for instance, was fifteen years old. Their aim was that by their own life stories the spectators would look upon issues occurring in life as simply “challenges” and not as “problems,” which, I think, we can all agree upon, is pretty hard sometimes.

Thought-provoking ideas, powerful stories, pleasant atmosphere are the words that mostly describe this event. The conference touched upon topics in medicine, art, business, music, physics, religion, among other common themes that are frequently discussed these days. One of my favourite speeches was given by a Gipsy doctor who told us how he managed to rise from poverty and become an acclaimed, successful researcher in cancer. What also captured my attention was a quote by Simon Sinek, saying: “People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.” After every fourth lecture there was a half-hour-long break where every attendant had the possibility to make acquaintances, have some snacks and coffee, and try out some rhetorical exercises that help them become more confident on the stage. The organizers did such a good job concerning the programs that we basically didn’t have one minute to get bored.

So, for everyone out there who has the possibility to get to a TED event, do not miss this chance! ;)


Adrienn Nyári,

Second Year English Major



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