Borbála Bökös’s Book on Paul Auster

We are glad to announce that our colleague, Borbála Bökös PhD, has recently published her book: Intermediality and Narrative Identity in Paul Auster’s Oeuvre

This book is an examination of a completely unexplored facet of the Paul Auster canon, as it discusses the aspects of intermediation between different media forms, in relation to the formation of narrative identity in this author’s works such as literary texts, films, and collaborative projects. It offers an intermedial reading of Auster’s various texts through theories of adaptation as well as theories of image and text, also seeking to discuss the ways in which the visual elements affect storytelling in Auster’s fiction and stimulate an interactive reader engagement.

The book begins with a firm theoretical basis for a study of intermediality in Auster’s oeuvre, shaping up new concepts in intermedia studies, such as: heterotopic intermediality, palimpsestuous intermediality, metaintertextual metaintermediality, the intermedial uncanny, as well as the intermedial suture. The chapters are organized around these notions while discussing Auster’s and his fellow artists’ works: Smoke, The Book of Illusions, The Inner Life of Martin Frost, City of Glass: The Graphic Novel, Leviathan, and Sophie Calle’s Double Game. This volume will be invaluable for general readers, students and academic specialists.


Bökös, Borbála. Intermediality and Narrative Identity in Paul Auster’s Oeuvre. Saarbrücken: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2015.

978 3 659 90172 0 full