Developing Leadership Skills in a Classroom

Convince a bunch of people to do something they not necessarily want to. And make sure they do that in the most orderly fashion possible.

Have you ever tried to lead a game, convince people to get in, explain the rules, make sure they get it/them, that everyone knows their place and what to do? Piece of cake. All you need is to make sure you have enough space, you can stick stuff to the wall (or its substitute, the smartboard – as long as you don’t damage it), explain people what they have to do, show that to them; if you have aids, prepare them beforehand, be OK with the half-chaos that ensues once you start the game and keep track of all that is going on. … Oh, and make sure that in the heat of the moment the class does not turn into the jungle or something. Piece of cake. Just like teaching mock prep-class babies the colours. Answer all questions (even the ones you have never fathomed that can be asked) but not allow class to diverge, think up of age-appropriate presentation and exercises, cut paper, draw, always have the pupils do something,  involve all of them in the lesson and introduce fun element as well, ‘cause what’s the point of all learning and no fun? As noted before: piece of cake. Especially since people did know what to do, had a good time, played the game (without scratching the smartboard), and painted the palm of their hands in watercolour and left the print on a poster.  Piece of cake. Ask the girls. :)


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